As educators and award winning vegan athletes, Luke and Emilie believe that everyone should live a life of health, purpose and passion. More about them here.


Our presentation topics:

Get the body that you want with plants - In this talk you will learn a no gimmick and drug free way to lose body fat and keep it off. You will also discover a safe and effective way to bulletproof your health, while looking and feeling younger.

Fad diets, supplements, pills, expedited transformation programs a many. We live in an era of rising obesity, a time where chronic degenerative diseases are common place. So what is this panacea to it all? Living green. Finally discovering something so easy that works, we are passionate about sharing nature's secret. The elixir to optimal health, fitness and sustainable fat loss. This presentation will leave you with practical, bite sized tools and strategies to unleash the fittest and healthiest version of yourself, all while supporting an ecological planet.

Plant-fuelled athlete - Increased recovery, improved body composition, better strength and endurance. 

Athletes the world over are opting for a plant-based diet for enhanced athletic performance. Having come from a reductionistic perspective towards nutrition (high protein/low carb and other dietary perspective, over supplementation), to now fully embracing a wholistic perspective focussing on nutrient dense plant-whole foods, Emilie and Luke have come back fitter, faster and stronger than ever. In this presentation, they share their journey as accomplished vegan athletes busting stereotypes. The aim of this keynote is to create a paradigm shift in your thinking, to be inspired to use a whole plant-fuelled diet to achieve optimal athletic performance.

The inner athlete - There is one in all of us. 

Running a 100km ultra-marathon, competing and placing in international bodybuilding competitions requires focus. Commitment is covering a mileage of 140km a week, lifting 220kg off the ground, or even performing a human flag. So what are the value and belief systems drive mental and physical excellence? And how can you adopt this mindset to achieve personal success in all areas of your life (health, fitness and profession)? This presentation will leave you with concepts and tools to bring out the inner athlete in you. We believe that at the end of the day, it is all a mindset, an athlete's mindset.

Awake and alive There is always light at the end of the tunnel. 

Emilie and Luke both have experienced their archetypal decent. Emilie suffering from sexual abuse and Luke, a botched suicide attempt and a near conviction. Both have been at the lowest points of their lives but decided one day that enough was enough. What a journey it has been for them to rise above all adversity. To charge forward leaving no stone unturned. This presentation will give you perspective on how to overcome setbacks, triumph from adversity, then unleash your truest and most authentic self.

Living your passion - Life's short, spend time doing what you love.

Living from pay check to pay check, existing in a dead end job hoping that the next promotion or raise might bring happiness. Money to buy more time, hoping to eventually do what they love. Where purpose and passion collide, Emilie and Luke have now found a reason to live each waking moment. Life is short and time is the most precious resource that we have.. and it is ticking. Why settle for something less when you deserve much much more? This presentation will inspire you to take action, to live what you love, then design a life out of it.

Workshops and demonstrations  

  • Vegcurious - Plant-fuelled basics. Why a plant-based diet is optimal and how you can integrate it into your life. Recipes, tips and tricks to living green and living lean.
  • Live Green Live Lean partners -  Food, Mindfulness, Fitness. We collaborate with the best in the industry to bring you different cuisines, practices and routines to unleash the best and healthiest version of yourself.
  • Train - Group training sessions that may be in the gym, out in the trails or by the seaside. To get fit, is to move, to do what you love.
Luke and Emilie are a highly engaging and effective speakers. An amazing combination of brawn and brains, they speak with passion on the topic of health and wellness through a plant-based diet. Inspiring individuals in their own right, Luke and Emilie speak with clarity and energy, giving great value to the audience.
— Dr George Jacobs, President of Vegetarian Society (Singapore)

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